4 Peppercorn Mix

$6.00$20.00 Inc GST

A four peppercorn mix doesn’t just look good they make a big difference to many foods such as soups, stews and gravys. Together four peppercorns mix add depth, flavour and aroma to all dishes. White peppercorns for example add a musty piquant flavour while the pink peppercorns add a floral and subtle peppery taste. As part of an overall blend this is an extremely great combination.

Ingredients:  Whole black, white, green and pink peppercorns.

Purchase options are either in 50g or 100g bags. Shaker or Grinder option comes full of your chosen product. I’m happy to make custom hampers or sizes. Please contact me on charliesgourmetsaltnpepper@gmail.com or 0427 132 819