Bushgirl’s mix

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Bushgirl’s Mix is an Australian-style bush salt with the benefits of Himalayan salt, a classic campfire salt that is smoked using natural wood. This is a first-class rock salt that embodies the Australian bush as we know it. The smoke mellows the Himalayan salt and peppercorns to give the salt depth with the garlic & chilli giving their natural heat and spice. The overall result is a top-class rustic smoked salt that is sure to please.  Perfect for those living in apartments that want the taste of real wood and smoke with their food without the need to fire up the BBQ.

This doubles as a rub when pan-frying or barbecuing.

Ingredients: Smoked Himalayan rock salt, double smoked black peppercorns, chilli, garlic.

Purchase options are either in 50g or 100g bags.  Shaker or Grinder option comes full of your chosen product.  I’m happy to make custom hampers or sizes.  Please contact me on charliesgourmetsaltnpepper@gmail.com or 0427 132 819