Bushman’s Mix Salt

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Bushman’s Mix is an Australian bush salt. The base salt is smoked Australian rock salt. Added to this are double smoked black peppercorns – the smoke mellows the peppercorns which gives the salt an extra level of depth – then garlic & chilli are added to make this a full bodied robust salt.

Smoked salt works well with spices as they provide a relatively mellow base for them. What the overall result provides is a robust deep cocktail of mellowness, smoke & fire with all the flavours of the ingredients packed in.
This salt can double as a pepper rub for steaks when barbecuing and pan frying; and with its already built in smoked salt you can still live in an apartment and enjoy the taste of barbecued and smoked food. This is why Bushman’s mix is a versatile product you must try. Give this one a try today.

Ingredients: Smoked Australian rock salt, double smoked black peppercorns, garlic, chilli.

Purchase options are either in 50g or 100g bags.  Shaker or Grinder option comes full of your chosen product.  I’m happy to make custom hampers or sizes.  Please contact me on charliesgourmetsaltnpepper@gmail.com or 0427 132 819