Lemon, Fennel & Chilli Salt

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A blend of air-dried lemon peel, dried chilli & fennel seeds with Himalayan salt. This Artisan blend is a floral salt that delivers a good level of heat, a kick of citrus and the spice of astringent aniseed.

Pairs well with your white meats – adds a kick of flavour and the aroma is to die for!

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, fresh sliced and dried Lemon Peel, Fennel Seeds, fresh sliced and dried Chilli.

Purchase options are either in 50g or 100g bags.  Shaker or Grinder option comes full of your chosen product.  I’m happy to make custom hampers or sizes.  Please contact me on charliesgourmetsaltnpepper@gmail.com or 0427 132 819